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There are a lot of us who like to have the feeling of creating our own palace with our own hands. The feelings of pride and achievement, of modeling, designing and shaping our own homes are something that cannot be bought or experienced without doing it yourself. And what a feeling those are!

Accubrush MX Paint Edger Kit

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One of those immensely proud feelings is the joy of decoration or redecorating the paint job of the rooms of your home.

Which if you have any experience of about, either from your childhood or right now, while after taking your third break in an hour with that tough spot that just refuses to be painted cleanly you know that it is not as easy and fun as it sounds and is imagined, painting your home by yourself.

But that is the point of doing it else how would you or anyone get that pride and sense of achievement of building and shaping your own house.

So in order to help all those pride home makers and passionate room decorators in making, folks from Accubrush have brought the easiest, sharpest and cleanest paint edger tool available to mankind so far.

It has been a very difficult and almost tear inducing problem for many who have threaded wildly in the region of room painting that every time they decide to do that, that same spot of the wall that was just invisible to everyone except when a spider scurried over it.

Now becomes their arch nemesis due to it being so tricky to paint that edge spot without messing up the door trims, another wall spot etc. and thus ruining the whole point of painting the room.

The frustration of the paint getting somehow reaching the parts of walls, ceilings or the corners of your decorative doors or windows is truly a giant pain and real demands one’ patience and perseverance.

Now please have a look at Accubrush XT Deluxe Kit – best paint edger tool in the market, it comes with XT paint edger that is mountable on poles, an MX paint edger, Two additional brushes and rollers, a very helpful paint tray and a 40” long painting pole made of wood!

As you can see it is a dream kit for those who cannot decide whether to use an MX edger or the XT one, both are expensive and both have their pros and cons. Accubrush now brings both of them together and in low price, very low price.

Now all those stubborn spots or the tricky single line sharp painting along the edges of the walls and ceilings that were so desperation and nausea inducing are no problem for anyone, anymore!

All thanks to Accubrush XT Deluxe Kit which makes painting lesser and lesser frustrating, makes painting the edges so much smooth and fast!

That is the whole important point of this mechanism here, fast and quick. Using the Accubrush XT deluxe kit makes the whole paint job routine pretty fast, now the whole thing doesn’t rely on for days but merely in hours (depending on how much you want to paint!)

A perfect tool kit for edges painting, smooth painting, fast painting and overall painting!

Pros and Cons

Best paint edger tool

  • Fast, easy and convenient to use.
  • Saves time and money.
  • No smears or marks.
  • Cut a line fast and straight with fabulous accurecy.
  • It take a little practice to get the feel of the angle often the handle.
  • Not good for popcorn ceilings.
  • Leaves manual trimming in ceiling corners and at the bottom of doors.

The Ups

It does that thing from the video, the smooth and lined painting that makes you want to do it too. It really makes edge smoothing and liner painting very aptly and quickly!

The whole painting session can be done in minutes with this, not in hours.

The edge smoothing was never this good, painless and fast before.

Again, very straight line in really small amount of time and efforts, both!

The painted area has that exotic roller brush effect instead of the lines effects.

Super easy to clean and maintain with very durable parts used into making the mechanism.

The Downs

Still you will have few, very few parts left around the corners and bottom levels for some old style manual painting.

Baseboard painting will not work, most possibly due the board being too thin for this.

The plastic latch that is used in this device often pops out while using the pole painting.

The wooden pole provided is very “incompatible” and might let go.

The metal used in the plastic brush mechanism often rubs over the ceiling and spots while painting and leaves a dark spot or lining.

The verdict

Well, keeping in mind what we had to sacrifice before without this device around to help us, it’s a sure hit regardless of some minor problems. Hope you guys like this complete review of accubrush XT Deluxe Kit which is probably the best paint edger tool today.

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