Alesis Q88 Review

For those who are in love with music more than just listening in to radio, mp3 or greatest hits from legendary musicians, those who want to have a piece of that magic of their own.

Alesis has brought in a very nifty deal for all of those new found rock bands or pop groups, still either practicing great crowd pulling songs in their basements or garages. Alesis Q88 is one very cool, handy and efficient keyboard that excels most into bringing the perfect tuning and sound beats than any of the other competitors in its price range.

If you were looking for a very smooth and efficient keyboard for your practice or even stage performances, in pretty affordable and yet really “on the mark” keyboard machine then Alesis Q88 is the one for you.

Alesis Q88 | 88-Key USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller with Pitch & Mod Wheels

Alesis Q88 keyboardCHECK PRICE

Alesis Q88 is an 88, semi weighted, velocity sensitive keys full piano keyboard. At a mere $199.00 this 22 pounds keyboard machine (around 10 Kg) is super light to take anywhere with you or place anywhere you want.

This MIDI keyboard does what is built to do and that is that its Q series MIDI/USB controllers work flawlessly with your Mac, iOS, PC devices and never does it jerks down your performance and production values.

The MIDI jack, the traditional connection device is effectively practical to any MIDI sound synthesizers, modules and more.

This machine, the Alesis Q88 USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller has full on and non-deceitful working set of 88 keys, that are velocity sensitive and semi weighing buttons of magic that do not hinge amid one’s routines.

No matter where you take it, use it or test it, it a very portable and compact and is always the best option for those who have to be “ready for the road’.

You can even change the program layouts from Alesis Q88’s keys for patch, program modulation and more.

Alesis Q88 comes preloaded with AIR Music tech Xpand! 2 and Ableton’s Live Lit software’s. So all of your recordings, sequence symmetry and performance changes, comes right out of the machine!

Ableton’s gives a very easy command to make changes in your nodes and sharpness, with powerful tools for recording and production abilities.

The Ups

Alesis Q88 is a MIDI keyboard with 88 keys, with no “meddling” notes or keys or sudden mute during performances.

The MIDI keyboard from Alesis Q88 is considerably very efficient and holds so many perks and convenience in its price range when compared to other keyboards of the same range in the market.

The MIDI keyboard from Alesis Q88 has semi weighted keys which is told by users has no adverse effect even for a well versed piano player!

According to many who have experienced it have remarked that it holds far more perks and compatibility than a full on, expensive MIDI keyboards that they had used, meaning you are in for a very returning purchase experience.

The size and weight and the response time of the keys and the pressure sensitivity of this machine are remarkable.

The pre bundled software’s in the keyboard are really helpful in modeling and shaping music smoothly.

Let’s you compose all that you want to create very smoothly, naturally and efficiently, like the big machines at such a low price range.

The Downs

There are no headphones jacks in the machine, people have remarked that since the jack is unavailable thus they either have to put their keyboard and PC quite next to each other or get an extension cord for their computer headphones.

Due to the semi weightiness of the keys it is advised to use a sustain pedal to make the sounds and keys coordination be more in rhythm.

Since this is a MIDI keyboard thus you will need to have your own music producing and files software’s through a PC or Mac or any other machine that you use.

The USB cable is short, around only 4 feet in full length.

Some technical but minor issues ensue for some users.


It’s a good buy nonetheless, for what Alesis Q88 is giving in such a low price range, the pre bundled music modulation software’s and semi weighted keys, the compact size and handy gig ready machine it all makes for a good buy for those prepping up for their big musical future.

A great starting machine.

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