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Everyone needs their laptops, PC’s and mobile phones to be protected from malicious threats. Sometimes due to third party interference we may lose our system’s privacy, so to avoid these situations anti-virus is mandatory. Anti-virus is like a medicine which protects your personal files and information in your device safe and doesn’t allow unauthorized access. Blocks malicious Url’s, spam and avoid phishing. The most important feature is, these anti-virus protects your online banking account safe whenever you’re logged in.

Top 3 Anti-viruses

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When you brought up a new computer or laptop, already anti-virus pre-installed within your system. It act as a security package in your computer, you can check anti-virus status in your system simply by

1) Going to “Start button”

2) Click on “Control Panel”

3) Click on “System and Security”

By following these steps we can find whether the system is protected from virus or not. Also, you can know the anti-virus is installed in your computer or not.

There are two ways through which antivirus software identifies malware:

1) Signature Detection

Signature Detection is one of the way to identify malware. Signature detection scans all your computer characteristics and signature to find out where the malware occurs. It scans depend on the dictionary provided to it. If something on computer matches a pattern in the dictionary, then the program attempts to solve it. The dictionary requires updates to protect computer from malware.

Anti-virus can only protect against the malware which it recognizes as harmful. Even though it may be useful for some extent only, the hackers are implementing more methods to hijack the system even when the antivirus software is updated frequently. So, one should be aware of the antivirus software versions and should update them frequently.

2) Behavior Detection

The name itself explains that it only monitors the behavior of the software installed on your computer rather than identifying the malware. The main purpose of this behavior detection is to identify a program that acts suspiciously such as accessing a protected file or tries to modify another program, then antivirus with behavior detection will alert you about the program that is trying to attack.

This protects the system from new malware that are not even in the dictionary. The problem with this type of detection is, sometimes it may provide false warnings. So, one should be aware of this detection before installing it in your computer.

Anti-virus Tips:

1) Anti-virus software should be obtained only form trusted sources and vendors. In market, there is various malware detection software available but as a user you should be aware which the best is by studying some reviews, taking help of your neighbors. So be aware of anti-virus software.

2) Install latest version of anti-virus software and make sure that your software is updated frequently. Make sure that your anti-virus software update automatically when the computer power is turned on, don’t postpone the updates.

3) Check whether the real time protections are on and allow your anti-virus software automatically scans portable media like USB sticks.

4) Read carefully the warnings provided by anti-virus software, if you get an alert and you don’t know what to do next then contact the help desk.

5) Do not uninstall your anti-virus software because of its working speed. You may get into trouble.

6) Don’t install more than one anti-virus software at a time in your computer as it will reduce the security of the computer.

Before you act, think about which anti-virus suits your computer needs. Get a latest version and enjoy privacy of your computer.

We are trying our best to give you latest list of best quality antivirus in the market. Hope you guys find best antivirus for your computer from this list. If you are still confused or have any other doubts then don’t shy to comment below in comment section or contact us through our contact form.

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