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Bourbon is a corn based whiskey that is quite popular among all demographics. In fact, there would hardly be anyone who has not heard of this drink. Before bourbon came into existence there were not a lot of corn based alcoholic beverages on the block. But in Kentucky, where bourbon was first created, it became its signature beverage. Bourbon is known as one of the most versatile drinks out there. There are tons of different methods to enjoy this drink. With the advent of bar-tending as one of the most creative jobs out there, there is actually no limitation to the number of different drinks that can be made using Bourbon.

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The history of Bourbon goes back at least a couple of hundred years when corn based alcohol was invented in the state of Kentucky, USA. The name Bourbon actually comes from the county of the same name where this drink was first created. The story goes that when corn whiskey was first made by the farmers, it wasn’t really aged well. The aging happened accidentally when a shipment of this corn whiskey to New Orleans got delayed because of some reason. This unintended aging, the farmers discovered, had actually made the quality of the whiskey a lot richer than before. The taste was smooth when compared to a non-aged batch of the same drink and that’s when the ritual of aging the corn whiskey started. This drink started becoming more and more popular across the entire country as it was a home grown classic. Owing to it place of birth, the corn whiskey started to be known as Bourbon. And today, it has turned into one of the most popular whiskies out there and has found markets almost all over the world.

Top Bourbons Brands

Ever since its popularity was on the rise, various brands have tried to manufacture and captivate the market of Bourbon. There are some new ones and some veterans in this industry that have come up with their own methods and variations of recreating this American classic.
Perhaps the most popular brand as far as Bourbon goes; Pappy Van Winkle has been around for quite a while. It is considered to be the greatest Bourbon brand by a lot of people. Their whiskey is aged for a good 20 years and that it makes it quite valuable. Blanton’s and Hudson bay are two other classic Bourbon brands that have their own flavors like vanilla and caramel. Hudson Bay is known for its usage of 100% corn in its whiskey which means that it is entirely made of corn.
Other popular Bourbon brands include Noah’s mill, Black maple hill, Dark horse reserve etc.


From being accidentally found in barrels on a ship to becoming one of the most popular alcoholic beverages on the face of earth, Bourbon has truly come a long way. It is available in a range of new flavors like citrus and butterscotch and vanilla all around the world. From posh bars to those small town water holes, Bourbon has made all of them its home.

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