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There are some experiences that we go through in our life that are not really harmful but really annoying and cause hindrance to the routine that we have set for the day. Having a cold is one such experience. It may not be a life threatening medical condition but it can definitely be an annoyance. It becomes hard to do the everyday tasks and carry on with the schedule. Common cold has been known to be very, well, common. There are a plethora of reasons why one may suffer from a cold. For example, even spending too much time in the outdoors can cause a cold. Other reasons include dust, getting drained in the rain, drinking or eating cold substances, bad weather etc. No wonder it is called the common cold. It is important to take proper care during the cold. While it is true that it is not a dangerous medical condition, it can drain a person of their energy and even cause headache and weakness. In a lot of cases, ignoring a common cold case leads to fever which then becomes even more of an issue. In order to avoid all that hassle, one should take god cold medicine in order to take care of themselves.

Top 3 Cold Medicine

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Uses of cold medicine

A cold can be slightly painful as it is accompanied usually with headache, sore throat etc. In order to get relief from some of the symptoms of cold, the cold medicine comes in quite handy. In some severe cases of cold, people even have the issue of cough. Taking a good medicine in such a situation can be extremely beneficial for the person who is otherwise suffering. The cold medicine is usually a universally accepted medicine that suits mostly every one and does not cause any complications or side effects. Cold medicine can also be used in actually preventing the condition too. As soon as one starts to see the symptoms one should take all the precautionary measures and a good cold medicine helps in preventing the common cold. There are different kind of cold medicines like tablets, sprays and even nasal decongestants. All these different medication are effective in easing the symptoms of the cold in a suffering person. If a person is suffering from cold and is experiencing symptoms like blocked nose and headache then taking a good over the counter cold medicine can prove to be quite effective in reducing the symptoms.

Advantages and disadvantages

As goes with any kind of medicine, one should practice extreme precaution while taking it. A professional opinion from one’s doctor is an extremely important step and no one should take the dangers associated with wrong medication lightly. The same is the case with cold medicine. The problem with cold medicine is that a lot of people assume that since it is a minor medical condition they can take any medicine without a proper prescription. But there is no truth to that. Over the counter medication can have just as many harmful effects on ones’ health as any other kind. So one should take extreme precaution while taking any medicine.
One of the main advantages of cold medicine is that it reduces the symptoms of the cold. Since even small allergies can cause cold, the condition itself comes with a variety of different symptoms like the headache, fatigue, sore throat, cough etc. Various expert doctors have stated that currently there may not be a specific medicine that can cure all the above mentioned symptoms but most of the cold medicines can provide significant relief to the user. There are some syrups available in the market that help the patient sleep easily too as having a cold can wreak havoc on ones’ sleep schedules.
Even with all the advantages, there are several disadvantages of cold medicine too. For instance, some cold medicines have known to have some mild side effects like causing cough when it was not there in the first place in some cases. Also important are the allergens that may be present in the medicine. At the end of the day, even experts and doctors who have done extensive research have said that if it is not that big of a problem, then it is always advisable to go for natural remedies than to take over the counter medication. Discretion is strongly advised in any case.

Top cold medicine brands

Since the pharmaceutical industry has blossomed in the last decade or two, many manufacturers have come to the fore with their own brand of cold medicines. Even though all of them are patented and approved, it is always safe to go for a reliable brand that has been known to follow the FDA rules and has produced good products in the past.
That said, since the common cold is a pretty common medical condition there are many popular cold medicines available in the market that are effective in providing some relief to their customers. Some of those brands are listed below:


This brand is quite popular among people and has been around for quite a while. It is an over the counter drug that is available easily in all drugstores. If one is experiencing cold along with a little fever then this is the best medicine to take.

Advil and Tylenol

Common cold often comes with various other symptoms like headache and body ache. This happens because of the weakening of the immune system. Advil can give you great relief if you are suffering from a headache and Tylenol is helpful in body aches.


Chest congestion is another common symptom of cold. Mucinex has the ability to reduce the phlegm in the chest and provide some relief to the patient. Chest congestion is common in children so one must take precaution.


This medicine can reduce the symptom of cough. Coughing is extremely exhaustive and can lead to several other issues too. Robitussin is an effective drug that can provide relief and clear the cough.
Hence, the above are the top brands in cold medicine. As with any medication, one must practice discretion and take professional advice from their doctor before taking any medicine.

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