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Dad hat is one of the most popular style accessory for people these days. These hats vary in size, designs, colors, materials and patterns. The primary component of a dad hat include crown, panels, brim and panels. The top part of the cap is known as the crown and this is the portion where beautiful patterns are printed.

It may include alphabets, animals, geometric figure or other special designs. Some of the dad hat also have a button on the top centre that further elevates the style quotient. These caps always have breathable eyelets that are essential to keep the head cool and sweat-free. Eyelets are sewn with thread on its border or inlaid with a button-hole.

In most of the cases, a dad hat is made from six panels that are stitched with thread of suitable colors. The brim being the front part of the cap and it protects person’s face from the scorching sunlight. A good quality dad hat also have a sweatband inside, so that one can comfortable wear it for long time activities as the sweatband can keep your head dry. When going out for trip or outdoor activities, it is best to wear your dad cap. With a nice cap, you will look more stylish and stay active.

Pizza Hatpizza hat

Being a college going girl, looking chic and trendy is my number one priority. After looking at this cap, my first impression was am I going to look stupid in this hat. But actually, I did look pretty decent and the casual hat is comfortable to wear. Due to the presence of the adjustable back strap, this cap is designed to fit all head sizes.

The pepperoni pizza embroidered design on the front panel adds an extra oomph to the cap. The sober black color looked classy with almost all kind of casual outfits. Now coming to the material of the cap, it was made from durable cotton fabric. The sweat-proof material kept my head cool and relaxed and thanks to the perforated eyelets on the cap.

Sun protection is also a great bonus as the curved brim protected my face from the harsh sunlight. The low crown, unstructured fit doesn’t look sloppy like all other slouch style caps. This style of trucker cap is the absolute perfect fit and it feels light on the head. I own quite a few numbers of trucker caps and this one is surely on my favorite’s list. It has a a really good shape and amazing value.

Frog hatFrog Hat

Bought this cap as a last minute gift for my little nephew for Christmas. Being an active child, I always wanted to buy something safe and comfy for him. Was amazed to check the superb quality if this cap. The cotton-made casual cap did fit perfectly to his head size. As it has an adjustable back strap, it was easier to customize the fit and the grip was good. The curved brim on the front can effectively protect his face from the harsh sunlight.

The very first thing that caught the eyes of my little nephew was the funky frog embroidery on the front panel. He was really excited to see the funny design on his cap. Now coming to the fit and material, the cap is made from durable cotton. And the structured designing of the cap has breathable eyelets, that further aided in keeping the head cool and relaxed.

As a little child, he is always into outdoor activities and this kind of comfy cap is perfect to keep his head shielded. Good value for the money and the material seems durable as well. Overall if you’re looking for a cool and comfortable cap I would definitely suggest you to buy this one!

Pinepple Hat
Pineapple Hat

I was very impressed with the fit and design of this black casual-style cap. Unlike many baseball caps it has the perfect look and feel of quality. I usually dislike the wear hard caps, as they are extremely uncomfortable to wear and that has boxy, squared off visor.

The product that I received after ordering was perfectly matching to that shown in the image. The front peak of the cap is also of the right length and is great for shielding the eyes against the glare of sunrays. The attractive pineapple embroidered design on the front panel further adds to the style appeal.

Most of the people feel that this kind of caps would not fit to their head size. But as a matter of fact, this cap comes with an adjustable back strap and a metal clasp that allows you to adjust the sizing accordingly. Now coming to the material, it is made from soft cotton fabric, it feels extremely light on your head.

In terms of colour options, there is an elusive range of options available to suit your taste and style. As it is made from high quality material, the cap is reasonably breathable and also holds its shape well on the head.

Smoking Parrot Hat (2 Colors)Parrot Hat

The classy black-colored dad cap was gifted to me by my boyfriend. Knowing that I have a passion for birds, he aptly opted for the bird embroidered cap. The very first thing that I noticed was the elegant embroidered 3D design on the front panel.

As for the quality, the cap is made from pure cotton fabric and thus it feel extremely soft and light-weight on the head. I really like how the front brim of the cap is stiff as like other sports baseball caps. And despite the high durability features, this cap looks chic with all kind of casual outfits.

For added features, there is breathable eyelets on each of the panel that keeps the head sweat-free for a long time. This makes the hat an essential when you are going outdoors or doing strenuous physical activities. For me, I love this cap because of the comfy fitting and affordable pricing. The adjustable back-strap allows you to customize the fit as per your head size. Honestly, it is the most comfortable and funky cap I have had in my wardrobe and my neighbours are always commenting on how perfectly it makes me look elegant and smart.

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