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In our day to day life modern gadgets are giving us space to live up a worry-free life. From mechanical devices to modern day technologies, everything is linked up with technology. Many of us use Mixers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, AC and many more depending on the need. Among the entire electronic appliance one of the most widely used device in present days are Dishwashers.

Top 4 Dishwasher

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Dishwasher is used for cleaning utensils/vessels/Dishes. It operates under a mechanical system for cleaning dishes. Earlier, dishwasher used by only restaurants but now-a-days the usage moved to individual houses too.

How Dishwasher Works:

Generally the manual process of dish washing includes scrubbing the dish with a dish wash soaps or liquids and cleans the soap and impurities with water. The modern day Dishwasher uses mechanical system and cleans up the dishes with hot water. According to the type of cleaning, temperature can be adjusted.

Instead of using dish washing soaps mechanical dishwasher use a mixture of water and detergent which is circulated through a pump. The water will move from one chamber to other chamber with rotating sprays arms which aid up in cleaning process. Once the washing is completed the water will be drained out.

Type of Dishwashers:

Door Dishwashers:

  A door dishwasher is a stand-alone machine consists of two racks, it operates with a dump-and-file system. The tank is filled with fresh water and after the cleaning process that water is discarded through a drain.

Glass washers:

It is particularly used for cleaning glassware and most widely used in bars. It uses lower water pressure when compared to other type of dishwashers to prevent from glassware from breakage.

Conveyor Dishwashers:

These are most used in commercial kitchens; it consists of three tanks such as one for the wash, second for rinse and third for sanitizing cycle

Flight Dishwashers:

These are used in hotels and resorts. Just by putting up the dishes on the conveyor machine will push up the dishes on to a moving belt and cleans up the utensils.

Pot & Pan Dishwashers:

Used only for Pot and Pan cleaning.

Advantages of dishwasher:

  1. Time saver:

    Cleaning up of dishes manually take up so much of time. So instead of cleaning the dishes in the sink with your hand using dishwasher is time saving. It will automatically clean up the dishes and by the time it completes the cleaning process you can concentrate on other work.

  1. Water Saver:

    Manual cleaning of dishes will utilize more water where as automatic dishwasher uses only 15 to 22 liters of water for one cycle. You can easily save 85% of water if you use a dishwasher.

  1. Better Cleaning Performance:

    Even though it is machine made cleaning but the Dishes are cleaner beyond manual maid service.

  1. Clean and Hygienic:

    Dishwasher uses hot water so the dishes are free from bacteria and germs when compared to normal hand cleaning.

  1. Softer Hands:

    Some people will feel discomfort while using detergents or soaps for cleaning dishes. But now, you can feel softer and happy hands as dishwasher it-selves finishes up the entire dish cleaning process without your involvement.

Disadvantages of Dishwasher:

  1. Cost:

    Manual cleaning process doesn’t include any extra costs where as to maintain dish washers one need to pay for the repairs over time.

  1. Consume Electricity:

    Being an electronic appliance, it consumes electricity and if power is gone then it will not work.

  1. Space issues:

    It occupies more space even the smallest dishwasher needs a considerable space. So it will be difficult for small kitchens and studio apartments.

  1. Damage to Utensils:

    Dishwasher can cause damage to your dishes, plastic utensils and glassware if used improperly.

Dishwasher is one of mostly advanced modern technology used in present days. It saves our time and make one’s comfortable. Dishwashers are serving the purpose of both individual and restaurants. So pick up the one according to your personal needs.

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