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Skateboarding is one of the most versatile outdoor activities that are indulged in by both the adults and children. In fact, there are many professional competitive skateboarding events that are conducted all over the world and followed by enthusiasts as well. The equipment used in skateboarding, like any other sport, has come a long way since its introduction many, many years ago.

Top 3 best electric Skateboard to Buy in 2018

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BENCHWHEEL Penny Board 1000W Electric SkateboardBENCHWHEEL Penny Board 1000W Electric SkateboardCHECK NOW
Genesis helfier elecric skateboardGenesis Hellfire Electric SkateboardCHECK NOW

It probably would have been hard to comprehend for the early skateboarders that one day, people will use electric skateboards. But along with technology, everything else in our lives has also advanced to greater levels and electric skateboards are now in use almost everywhere. The following are the reviews of a few prominent electric skateboards.

Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

Ever since electric skateboards have come to the fore, there have been an enormous number of changes and improvements done to the product and every single one of them has tried to increase the power capacity of the skateboard. This product is the example of such evolution. The best part about this skateboard is its amazing capacity of 2000W. To go by the manufacturer’s word, this product can accelerate like a car and what can be better than that for an upcoming skateboarding enthusiast? It works very well for even the seasoned skateboarders who have mastered the art and skill of the sport and are always looking to challenge themselves. It has a dual drive system that not only assists you in accelerating on an upward gradient with immense speed but also lets you brake as and when required. The brake system is quite efficient and the skateboard comes to a complete halt on applying the brakes which is great in case there is an obstacle of any kind on the pathway. The handling of the product itself is quite good and one can easily use this to learn the sport of skateboarding without any prior experience.

BENCHWHEEL Penny Board 1000W Electric Skateboard

The BENCHWHEEL Penny board electric skateboard is a versatile device that can be used by a huge range of sportsmen from amateurs to professionals, from kids to adults. It has a power capacity of 1000W and maximum speed of 15.5 mph. The speed is one of the most useful features of this device. Since it is an electric skateboard it can get a little tricky for someone without practice to use it. For such people, this is the best product because it is not too fast and can actually provide that much needed practice on a little bit of a slower pace. If you are worried about the charging of the battery, then this skateboard is perfect for you as it takes only about one and a half hour of charging to full capacity thanks to its lithium ion batteries. Another advantage of this skateboard is that even though it is electric, it has been made with eco-friendly materials like bamboo and maple. Both of these give the skateboard its charm as well as great functionality.

Maxfind New Design Dual Motor Electric Skateboard

Skateboarding is one of the most fun activities that can be undertaken by kids as well as adults of all ages. But at the same time it is also an activity where a significant amount of practice is also required. Thanks to the electric skateboards available in the market today, the process of learning has become simpler and faster. The Maxfind New design electric skateboard is one such product. With its many features, it sure is in the list of best electric skateboards available in the market today. To start with, this skateboard weighs only about five and a half kilograms which makes it one of the lightest and easiest to handle. Weight of the skateboard plays an important role in the learning experience of an individual. The maximum speed of this skateboard is up to 28 kmph. That speed is massive and it is what makes it suitable to both seasoned skateboarders as well as those that are new to the sport. With a reliable Samsung lithium ion battery and a charging time of just an hour, this product is a must buy for a skateboarding enthusiast who is looking to better their performance along with having fun.

Pros and Cons

Like every other piece of equipment, even the electric skateboards have their own pros and cons. There are some things that bode well with this piece of technology and then some things that don’t. One needs to objectively look at the pros and cons and only then evaluate their worth. Listed below are some pros and cons of the electric skateboard.


The most obvious advantage of using an electric skateboard is that the speed is guaranteed. More often than not, a sport like skateboarding requires years of practice to get that momentum right from the word go. But thanks to the electric skateboard, that is no longer an issue. Another advantage is that the design of these skateboards is very safe and dynamic which means that even if you are a beginner, using an electric skateboard wouldn’t be much of an issue.


There are always risks when electrical equipment is involved and it is the same with electric skateboards as well. Even though top quality batteries are used in all the brands, sometimes the battery can falter and give rise to issues while one is skating which can result in injury if a person is not careful enough.


As with anything else, there are a few issues that need to be addressed in electric skateboards as well. There is always room for improvement especially when electric devices are concerned. With evolving technology and a healthy market for products like electric skateboards, one can be sure that there will be newer as well as better products always coming to the fore in the market. There are many trusted and reliable brands that have established themselves in the sports industry and all one needs to do choose the one that suits their needs the most.

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