Best Golf Ball Reviews and Buying Guide

Buying or choosing a golf ball is a much more experimental and engulfing topic than it actually seems to be. Although people go for brands and labels, there are plenty of things that ought to be considered before buying a good golf ball. Finding the right golf ball is a time taking the process and some aspects of it have been explained here.

Top 3 Golf Balls of 2019

Best Golf Ball
Callaway 2017 Chrome Soft X (One Dozen) White
Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls, Multi, Pack of 12Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls, Multi, Pack of 12CHECK NOW
Titleist Pro V1Titleist Pro V1CHECK NOW

Construction of Golf Balls

It might not seem very significant but it is actually the construction and make of golf ball that decides what the nature of a ball’s movement is once it is hit by the golf club. However, the limit, which can also be said to be the most efficient construction of golf ball, hasn’t been realized yet. The dimples of the golf ball and the material used are among the few major things that decide the type of golf ball.

1. One-Piece Golf Balls:

A one-piece golf ball can be said to be a beginner level golf ball. It is not made for professionals or experienced players but just for learners and beginners. It is easy to make with no proper construction involved. This is the reason why it is quite cheap as well. Surly is the material involved in making and there are plenty of dimples on the surface. Since it does not have compression, this golf ball does not travel much far when hit.

2. Two-Piece Golf Balls:

The use of core and cover is done for the two-piece golf balls. While the core is made up of hard acrylate that is of high energy, the cover is made up of tough and study material which usually cannot be cut. This cover enables it to cover much more distance than the usual golf balls. Its firmness renders to it the distance that it covers. This is the reason why a two piece golf ball is the most popular one among common players.

3. Three-Piece Golf Balls:

When the question of spin arises, three piece golf balls come in action. Suitable for seasoned players, this one has a soft rubber core, a mid layer of enhanced rubber and the top hard and tough layer. It is first to offer the advantage of spin separation due to the layers.

4. Four-Piece Golf Balls:

A rather complicated construction, this one is highly suitable for players who can manage spin. Each layer of these golf balls has a particular function. Even the dimples in these golf balls are kept in between 300 to 400.

5. Five-Piece Golf Balls:

This is the latest development in the world of golf balls. The main components of this are the speed giving core and the outermost layer. The three mantles are simply to increase the spin of this ball.

Spin and Distance

There are three different levels of spin in golf balls and the distance is decided according to the spin of a ball. The balls that have low spin make the ball fly at a straight angle in the air and upon falling; it rolls a bit father due to very low spin. Thus the distance covered is good.
The golf balls with a medium level of spin are said to be the best ones of all since they give the perfect combination is spin as well as distance. These balls are more entertaining to play with.
The High spin golf balls give more power to the player when used in the greens. The spin of the ball in the air is very high and thus a particular technique needs to be followed by playing with it.

Other Options to consider

There are numerous options available at a hand of a golf ball buyer. For instance, when choosing between Urethane or Ionomer cover, you can choose Urethane if you want your ball to be soft and very durable. Likewise, it is better to go for a ball that is neither too soft nor too firm since it offers an advantage over drag. Whether you are playing over a tee or a green is also a factor that decides what kind of ball you should choose. For green, it is better to go for balls that have good spin. Apart from that if you are on a budget, you ought to go for any ball in your budget by just considering its type because all manufacturers make different types of balls, differentiated in price only by its brand.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

One of the softest golf balls in the market, these offer very low compression and hence the spin is almost negligible. The flight offered by these balls is good and being available in different colors gives them maximum visibility in the air. The drag is also very low owing to the proper spacing of dimples in these balls. The pack is an economic buy for beginners at golf.

Wilson Titanium Ball

The Wilson titanium ball set comes in a [pack of eighteen balls. The two-ball construction method has been used for their make and the core is of titanium, giving it a good distance coverage and average spin. The cover has been made using surely that gives it a durable touch. Ideal for all pro or semi-pro golfers, these balls are economic and a smart buy for the users.

Titleist Pro V1

From the makers of Titleist, these are the latest 2015 model golf balls that have been given the utmost level of perfection during construction. It has a certain level of sin index as well. They have long been one of the most widely sold golf balls in the market owing to their soft feel and the exceptional coverage of distance from these balls. Their maker also gives them a long lasting and durable life. Being one of the cheapest balls in their category and yet full of all the good traits, this is a must buy for all ardent golfers.

Callaway Chrome Soft 2016 Golf Balls

One of those balls made from the latest technology this one has a dual soft fast core. The maker has been engineered in 2016 and it gives it a great speed with a very low spin at the same time. Ideal for using in the tee, these balls have a four-piece construction and the top cover is made of urethane. The compression is kept low and that is why the ball has a soft feel about it. It is a good buy when shopping for a four piece construction golf ball.

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