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“Everyone wants to be healthy and fit, I recommend you to consume green tea helps you stay healthy”

Beverages, whether hot or cold, are an integral part of our life. Whether it is a hot summer afternoon which makes you run for a cold soda or a cold wintry morning which makes you crave a hot cup of coffee, it is impossible to live without the right beverages at that right time. Tea and Coffee have maintained their high status for a long time now and there is probably no place on earth where these two are not served. There are like thousand different kinds of teas and coffees all over the world and that is still an understatement. Green tea is one of those thousand kinds which have gained major prominence all over the world as one of the healthiest drinks out there.

Top 3 Green Tea of 2016

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Green tea has tons of benefits that have been discovered by extensive research all over the world. It is known to increase the strength of the immune system and protect you from various diseases. It also contains anti-oxidants that provide a major boost to one’s overall health. Probably the most popular benefit of Green tea is its immense effectiveness in aiding weight loss. It is recommended by a lot of nutritionists and dieticians to those who are looking to lose some weight. Drinking a few cups of Green tea is known to reduce fat storage in the body. More and more benefits are coming to the fore with research becoming more technologically advanced. One of the recent ones was that drinking green tea actually makes you smarter. It has compounds in it that improve brain function. It also reduces the risk of various serious diseases like diabetes and even cancer. It has been found that people who were recommended to consume green tea at least once per day have been found to be less prone to developing cardiovascular diseases. In general, green tea is a health potion that has innumerable benefits and promotes overall well-being of a person.


Although there are no major cons of green tea, excessive consumption can increase caffeine intake of a person which can cause some minor issues like difficulty in falling asleep and such. It is not advisable to drink more than five to eight cups of green tea per day so that everything stays in balance. Other than that, drinking too much green tea has also known to cause upset stomach so moderation is advised.

Top Green tea brands

A lot of major Tea brands have ventured into the manufacturing of green tea. Along with the already existing bigger brands, even newer brands have been coming to the fore with their own selection of organic and natural green tea. The following are some of the most popular green tea brands from all over the world:
-Kiss Me Organics
-Stash Tea
-Zen Spirit
-Kev and Cooper LLC
-Shangri la
-Organic India
-Marriage Freres
Green tea is indeed a very healthy drink and it can easily replace any of the major beverages that we are used to throughout the day. It can be a great addition to a healthy diet and a good exercise routine all of which can aid in the improvement of the overall health of a person.

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