Best Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of the most fun festivals celebrated in many countries on the last day of October that is the 31st of October. The word Halloween actually means ‘holy evening’. It was first used around the year 1745 AD. But it has been celebrated by the Celtics since more than 2000 years. The story goes that they used to celebrate their new year on the 1st of November and considered the transition from the 31st to the 1st a spooky one. Meaning that they wanted to scare away the ghosts and other monstrous creatures from doing them any harm during this period. This resulted in them dressing up as ghosts and move around a fire and in turn scaring the ghosts away.

Top Halloween Costume Ideas for you

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Types of Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes have become extremely popular these days as the festival of Halloween has evolved into one of the major business opportunities for the markets. There are tons of different kinds of costumes that represent various cultures and fantasies of our history. While at first, the costumes were almost always scary, now they vary from being funny to cartoonish to adult and a lot of other things.

To list a few types of Halloween costumes, they are:

1. Superhero costumes
2. Historic costumes
3. Ghostly costumes
4. Cinematic Costumes
5. Non-fictional costumes
6. Fantasy costumes

The list is really endless as people are getting really creative with their Halloween costumes. When the movie The Lord of The Rings came out, the characters of that movie became the most popular choice for a Halloween costume that year and for a couple of years to follow. Same was true for almost all superhero movies. Even today, Superman and Wonder woman are the most attractive costumes of the whole Halloween extravaganza.

But people have also gotten very creative and improvised on real life professions and turned them into costumes. This makes for a very affordable costume choice as one doesn’t have to spend so much to get them. A few examples would be vampire doctor, scary fireman etc.
Fictional characters from books and movies are also a popular choice for Halloween costumes. Even material things can be turned into costumes. Spaceships like the Apollo 13 and Sputnik have been worn by many people on Halloween.

History behind Halloween Costumes

Many people believe that the tradition of people wearing Halloween costumes started then as they dressed up as ghosts to scare away the actual ghosts.
Ever since then, on the night of Halloween, people have been dressing up as ghosts and monsters and all sorts of creatures and what was actually a serious ritual has now become more of a party. The tradition of trick or treating also has similar roots. People, mostly children, would guise themselves and ask for food in return for a performance of a song and dance routine. This was a way for them to get some goodies on the night of the festival.


Halloween is a fun festival that a lot of people around the world now participate in. The choosing of the Halloween costume can be a fun process. One has to come up with some creative ideas and just tweak the everyday material in order to get a great Halloween costume.

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