Best Hiking Boots

Why it is significant to wear good Hiking Boots?

Hiking shoes are important equipment for the hiker, as it is specially designed for protecting the feet and ankles while hiking activities. Owning a comfortable pair of hiking shoes is an essential part of exploring your hiking activities on your own feet. There are 3 main factors which determine the kinds of footwear you require Terrain, Distance, Pack Weight.

Top 3 Best Hiking Boots

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Apart from choosing the right pair of footwear, proper fit and break-in time are also important steps to keeping your feet happy and free injury. When it comes to choose the best shoes, it is always recommended to select as per your feet comfort, durability, low weight, and warmth and water proof. It is good to take advice from sport expert before buying; they will guide you about your feet need and requirements.

There are 3 basic types of hiking footwear:

  • Trail Shoes –

    provide you lightweight support , medium cushioning with stable traction

  • Light Hiking –

    Shoes- preferable for short and medium hikes on easy moderate land

  • Mid-weight Hiking

    – designed for rough terrain and offers maximum support

  • Mountaineering Boots

    – for high hikes, extremely durable and protect your feet.

You can buy highest quality footwear but if it unfits you will lead to miserable experience. Always get the shoes that will breathe easily and also dry quickly after getting wet. Your feet is an essential part of your hiking equipment, keep them happy to enjoy your hiking experience.

As its name suggests, the boots which are specifically used for outdoor activities
like hiking are called hiking boots. They are designed to protect the feet and ankles
from external injuries and sprains, which are common while hiking. These are one
of the most important accessories for hiking activity. Hikers generally prefer
hiking shoes for mountain walking, as protection from the rough and uneven
surface on the mountains. Hiking is one of the most interesting as well as
dangerous activity, the whole body being standing on the shoes, shoes should be
strong and supportive plus comfortable.

Hiking boots are mainly used for hiking and mountaineering purposes. These shoes
are especially designed in a way to give maximum support to our feet while
walking over the uneven surfaces of mountain. Although people use it normally as
casual wear also. And also sports and games, since it’s the best in shoes to provide
super-comfy to the feet, it’s preferred by most of the people. There are various
types of hiking shoes available in market like Train shoes which are dry climate
hiking for day hikes, trail hikers which are designed for mud paths and Hiking
boots or mountain walking which are for mountain/hill walking and mountaineering.

The upper part of the boot is designed in such way, so that it could support and
protect the foot, its water repellant, but have enough space to let the foot breathe.
The soles are special, as they have to maintain the friction to avoid slipping
situations with a comfy cushioning for the feet. There are padding and linings
which provide extra comfort to the foot. Foot beds ensure the foot safety and
relaxation, and they are designed as per the hiker’s foot shape to provide maximum
balance over hilly areas. There are stiff plastic/metal plates present in the sole.

Mostly these are manufactured with rubber and with a breathable space.
There is so much information available on internet regarding hiking boots but still
people end up purchasing the ones, which are uncomfortable and over-budget.
These boots are specifically designed for hikers, if you are not a frequent hiker,
then you can just use normal sport shoes for such trips. But if you are a frequent
Mountaineer then you need to buy good hiking boots. Analyze your trip and then
finalize your product, if you know that it’s going to be a long hiking, be
comfortable and buy a good hiking boots.

These mountain walking boots should not get confused with normal walking boots,
since they both are different in many ways. Walking boots are designed to walk on
normal surface with no ups and downs while on the other hand hiking boots are

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