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Computer games are also called as PC/personal computer games and the boom increased from mid 90’s. Computer games will create entertainment to any age group depending on the game we are playing. Mostly children and teenagers love to play video games. Computer games come up in different genres such as Arcade, Action, Adventure, Management, Puzzle, Hidden, shooting and many more. You can choose a single player game or multiple player game through computer games. It is a best indoor game to get entertained.

Top 5 PC Games

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Due to the advancement of graphic cards and sound system makes the game more impressive and the player is enjoying the real experience of gaming. These computer games are also helpful for educational purpose. Many schools install computer games to teach their children with the help of games in a view point that kids can able to learn quickly.


Big giants in Gaming Industry:

1) Sony: Sony gaming business increased due to PlayStation 4, Sony hosts a blockbuster game Bungie’s Destiny through PS4 and helped Sony to be in a competitive race of gaming world.

2) Xbox: It is a Microsoft Innovation for windows owned software. Initially, the developers named it as “DirectX Box” and later it is named as Xbox.

3) King: King became the top most business tycoon in gaming industry and ranked number 3. It generated revenue of 1 billion especially with Candy Crush Saga.

4) Ubisoft: It is a French multinational video game developer. Its latest release of 2016 is “Tom Clancy’s ‘The Division”. Ubisoft earned a decent market share in gaming world.

5) Nintendo: Nintendo’s Entertainment is one of the legendary in gaming industry for more than 30 years. In 2015, it partnered with Japanese mobile developer DeNA to introduce their gaming in smart phones.

6) ACTIVISION BLIZZARD: It is one of the world’s largest company, it created a biggest game in the gaming industry. The most popular games by this company include Guitar Hero, World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, and Hearthstone.

7) EA Games: Electronic games ‘EA’ releases games related to action, adventure, role-playing, and racing under EA brand. Right now, it is developing games under different labels.

8) Zynga: It is an American gaming company develops social gaming. The most popular games includes Farmville (Top most game in Facebook), Hit it Rich and Zynga Poker.

Top 10 games that create a Mark in gaming industry:

1) TETRIS: It developed and released a Tile-matching puzzle game. Successfully sold 100 Million copies in the last nine years and positioned number one in gaming world.

2) WII SPORTS: It is the 2nd best video game of all time and it is launched in the year 2006. Since then it sold 82.69 million copies of Wii Sports.

3) MINECRAFT: It is available in almost every video game platform. Since 2009 it sold 70 million copies and stood in 3rd position.

4) GRAND THEFT AUTO V: Grand Theft Auto V is a largest game with 54 Million copies sold.

5) SUPER MARIO BROS: It is one of the best games loved by children. it released under Nintendo Entertainment System and sold 40.24 million copies worldwide.

6) MARIO KARI WII: It released in 2008 and sold 36.38 million copies worldwide since then.

7) TETRIS (GAME BOY): The game boy sold 35.00 million copies.

8) WII SPORTS RESORTS: It sold 32.8 million copies since 2009.

9) NEW SUPER MARIO BROS: Developed in 2006 and sold an incredible number of 30.79 million copies.

10) DIABLO 3: Released in 2012 and sold 30 Million copies.

Gaming is one of the third largest industries in Entertainment world. Only in the year 2015 Gaming industry has made up a 74 billion USD sale. Computer gaming makes our world even entertaining from time to time with the emergence of new games.

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