Best Teeth Whitening Kit Brands

teeth whitening kit brandsIt is safe to say that our diets have changed drastically in just of a couple of decades. The amount of sugar that is consumed daily is testament to the said change. Now the consumption of excessive sugar gives rise to a host of issues, most of which are related to the increase in fat. There is another issue that is mostly forgotten when people talk about sugar. And that issue is of the health of the teeth. The teeth are highly affected by the sugar in our diet. There are other things that badly affect the teeth too like excessive caffeine which is known to cause a staining effect on the teeth. With all the sugary sodas, that also contain a lot of caffeine by the way, and candies and whatnot, it is natural that the health and appearance of our teeth is hit.

You can also read detailed reviews here. Teeth whitening kits are being used by anyone who is looking for a more confident smile to accompany them throughout the day. A beautiful smile can be a confidence booster for a lot of things that we do every day. There are many reputed brands around the world that have come up with their own teeth whitening kits. All of them are easy to use and ensure utmost safety to the gums and skin in general. The following are some of the most popular and best teeth whitening kit brands.

Best Teeth Whitening Kit Brands

Pearl Drops Pure White Treatment

The pearl drops pure white whitening treatment is a teeth whitening kit that is very effective in doing its job. This kit is actually different from the other molds and strips because all you have to is apply the solution to your teeth after brushing for half a minute. The next step is the applicator which has to be brushed on the teeth and it just enhances the shade.

It also needs to be kept on for about 30 seconds and then you can brush it off with the toothpaste and the polish that are provided in the whitening kit. It is not time consuming at all. In fact, the entire process takes less than ten minutes and the results can be seen just after three to four days of using this product.

Rapid White Tooth Whitening Kits

The dis-solvable strips are truly revolutionary in the world of teeth whitening kits. They not only have new technology but are also completely fuss free. Which means that you can use this at any time of your convenience without having to do a lot? These strips need to be applied on your teeth and in around five to seven minutes, they dissolve.

After that, all you have to do is brush the solution off and go about your daily routine. This kit takes less than ten minutes to be over. In regular usage of just one week, the results are very visible. The teeth get whiter with minimum work required.

Diamond Whites Home Whitening Kit

So this is a little complicated process when compared to the newer whitening kits but it is very effective and that is why it is being used by a lot of people. Earlier, customized molds were prepared only by dentists but with this product you can make one on your own. All you have to do is place the mold in boiling water for around five minutes and then take it out and bite into it. Let it cool and it will be in the shape of your teeth.

After that you fill the mold with the whitening gel and apply to the teeth for around half an hour. The results are very good and after doing this for just couple of times; the teeth get whiter and whiter. The one thing to note while using this whitening kit is the amount of gel to be placed in the mold. If there is any leakage of the gel, it can cause irritation to the gums so one has to be careful about that.

Crest White

Crest is a popular brand that has a wide range of teeth whitening products and dental products in general like mouth wash, toothpaste etc. The Whitestrips by Crest are teeth whitening strips which have placed on the teeth for around ten minutes at least twice a day. In just ten days, whiter teeth are guaranteed.

This product is extremely effective and the teeth get several shades whiter. It is easy to use and less time consuming than other whitening kits. This is perfect for those who don’t want to spend too much time in the process of whitening their teeth and yet want an effective product that works fast.

Colgate Simply White

Colgate Simply White is a paint-on teeth whitener. This product basically needs to be painted on the teeth and kept on for half a minute or 30 seconds. In just 30 seconds the teeth become whiter and with regular usage, you get amazingly whitened teeth.

Another good thing about this product is that it takes very less time. Just under a minute to be precise. So that is one of the benefits of the Colgate simply white teeth whitening kit. And since Colgate is a reputed brand world over, it is safe to use and comes without any side effects or other issues.


Teeth whitening kits are more of norm in today’s world. Everyone is using them and their popularity is increasing owing to the effectiveness and the ease of use of these teeth whitening kits. While it is true that there are a lot of brands available in the market today, it is always safe to do a lot of research and consult a professional before zeroing in on a teeth whitening kit. It is the safe way to use this product without the danger of any issues like the irritation of gums and the sensitivity of the teeth.

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