Blue Devil Rear main sealer Reviews

Has your engine been leaking again?

Are you tired of paying a heavy price at the mechanic every time?

Well, here comes a smashing product that will help you seal the rear mains of your machine permanently. This is a product of scientific marvel and amazing innovations.

This chemical concoction repairs and seals the rear mains leaks and leaking gaskets immediately.

BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer – 8 Ounce (00234)

BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer

Time and money both are precious in today’s world and to be dependent on someone is a mere wastage of time. Imagine if you are stuck in the middle of a road with a leaking engine and no mechanic nearby, you could be devastated.

This sealer claims to put a permanent seal on your leaking engines so that you can drive undisturbed. There are certain Do It Yourself products available in the market today which help you reach your desired goal instantly.

The rear engines easily get tarnished or cracked due to friction and wear and tear. Certain easy repair products like BlueDevil rear main sealer make our work very easy and quick.

This product works in gas or diesel engines. This heavy base stock has to be just added to the engine oil to repair shrunken rubber gaskets. It repairs the leaks and will make your car work like before. Such products should be kept handy at all times to prevent hindrances in your long car journeys.

It does not use any harmful chemicals and is perfectly safe to use on your engines.

It is great to instantly stop oil seepage. Oil spills can prevent your engine from turning on and if on, it would emit a smoke due to oil spill.

BlueDevil Rear Main sealer has to be added to the engine oil to repair the leaking gaskets. This light liquid is formulated using light polymers which swell the oil seals. Though it’s a temporary one time fix, it does provide solace in long distant car journeys where you can’t possibly trace a mechanic for miles.

The company guarantees to stop the leaks permanently and the bottle also comes with a money back guarantee. It also restores dried, shrunken rubber seals.

It is very easy to use with just pour and go feature. It mixes with the oil and stays in the system and can work well while you’re driving. It is chemically concocted with a solvent that softens, expands and revitalizes.

So, it will not cause any harm to your engine. Letting oil spills stay as it is could be very dangerous for your car. Not only does the oil spray on other parts of your engine, it also makes dust and grime stick to your engine making maintenance very difficult.

Leaking engine oil could lead to a fire or smoke and could be very hazardous if left unattended. The oil could clog important engine parts rendering your vehicle slower than before.

  • Guaranty to permanently stop rear main seal leaks.
  • Restores dries, cracked and shrunken rubber seals.
  • Works in gas or diesel engines.
  • It is a great repair for timing cover leaks.
  • One needs to just add the product to engine oil to restore and seal gaskets.
  • It mixes with the oil and stays in the system.
  • It does not contain any petroleum distillates or particulates which can hamper any part of your engine.
  • It is very safe to use on your car engines.
  • Few users have complaint of this product not yielding effective results or the leak starting again after a week.
  • If the leak does not stop the first time , the company recommends on using a second bottle.


While there are mixed reviews of the product going from one extreme to the other, it’s worth a try. Some users have sworn to use the product whenever an oil leak occurs.

If the oil seepage stops, then it could save you thousands of bucks. Keeping such a product handy on long distance drives is a good idea as you never know when you would get the next mechanic and you could be forever stuck on the roads with a leaking car engine.

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