Garmin 1040xs Review

Finding locations and places have become so easy with the changes in science and technology. People can now easily detect the desired location that they prefer to visit and get their within seconds. Even if they people find it difficult to search for a location, then they can track the location with the help of GPS system and they are sure to find the location just within the desired time. But, then what if there is no proper connectivity at a remote location where you want to go??

You would be in an awkward position and you would not be able to reach any destination that you had planned. And mobile networks are not available in all areas. And won’t it be fascinating if you can find a GPS tracking device that can work even underwater? The GPSMAP 1040 XS is one such newest device that has been developed just for the benefit of the users so that they can get to any location that they would prefer.

The GPSMAP is a navigating device which is ideal for those who love sailing or fishing as they can adjust the sails easily with the help of the device. It is a keyed Chart plotter which has a wide 10 inch screen and the display facility is very bright and high sensitivity which provides alert on every direction. The usage of the device will be known over time and whether it will turn out to be a fruitful one.

The GPSMAP 1040 xs Chartplotter review

garmin 1040xs reviewThe GPSMAP 1040 xs is a high technology navigator which helps to support all the Gramin radars along with the sails. The best thing about the GPSMAP 1040 xs is that it  supports wireless connectivity and can work under any circumstances. You just need to carry the device with you to places which you are not sure about and this device can help you out in a defined manner.
The sonar capabilities of the navigator help to adjust with the timing of the boat and take you to the exact location. The combo can work with any internal sonar system and can match up to any internal device that you use with the GPSMAP 1040 xs. The user has the flexibility to choose what information they want on the screen, whether time or the speed. The GPS tracking device provides the sailors with the ranging sea temperatures and find out the perfect time that is great for sailing. The tracker has not been in full use and people are expecting it to work in a proper manner. The rest will be known over time and when there will be a full usage of the product.

Major highlights of the GPSMAP 1040 xs

  • People are provided with their choice of marine radar and they can choose the one that they would prefer when they go for catching fishes. The device can be easily paired with an advanced range of open arrays.
  • A colour range is provided for arranging with the variations in the sea ranges and helps one to find the ideal place which is suitable for catching fishes.
  • It comes with a preloaded LakeVU HD maps which helps in providing one with the information about the depth of the lakes, reservoirs, etc. that they are planning to plunge in. Shallow water shading provides you with a minimum depth so that it becomes easy to perform your tasks underwater.
  • All important information like the wind speed, wind angle, etc. can be found out with the help of the special sailing features in the device.
  • The updates can be gathered fast by the users with the help of 10 Hz GPS/GLOWNASS because the information that it provides are accurate and in a high resolution image.
  • User can create their own HD maps with the help of the GPS tracker and a whole range of colours are provided in it which helps to colour the maps in the way that would be most beneficial to the user.
  • The Panoptix Forward Transducer help one to get 3D views of the fishes and the boat that they are in and this becomes easy to catch the fishes properly.

Major drawbacks of the GPSMAP 1040 xs

  • People say that the GPSMAP 1040 xs is a bit heavy to use and most of the time, the depths given by it might not be accurate because of the changes in the wind direction.
  • Complete results are still yet to be discovered because of low usage of the device.


It will be better to overlook the drawbacks and focus on the good points of the tracking device. This is the first ever device that is designed especially for the fishermen in the sea. Overall the product is good and will be helpful to the fishermen in the long run.

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