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Your home becomes attractive and appealing only if it is decorated in a beautiful manner. Colorful trinkets, wind chimes, and hanging glass will definitely add flavor to your house. But, there is no substitute to a captivating and well-maintained lawn with green and grand looking grass. Later, You can add a few ornamental flower plants and decorative trees to convert your home into a veritable green paradise. All you need in the form of investment is good quality grass seeds and regular maintenance. Did you ever wonder about the nature, qualities and scope of grass, particularly turf grass? If you didn’t, then read on…

Grass, Turf grass, And Lawns

  • Grass is green vegetation comprising of very short plants with long and narrow leaves. It grows wild and is used as a fodder crop.
  • When grass is cultivated and maintained with proper care, you get a lawn.
  • There are different types of turf grass such as bluegrass, rye-grass, bent grass, scutch grass, and crown grass.
  • Lawn grass is one type of turf grass and it is grown in houses and golf courses.

You can grow a gorgeous lawn in your front or back yard with the help of high quality grass seeds and healthy organic soil. Your lawn will grow faster if the soil is loose and has the capacity to retain moisture. Make sure that the lawn area is free from weeds, rocks, and roots, and prepare the soil with good drainage facility.

Ensure that your green grass seeds are collected from tall grass with flowers and seed heads. Grassology Grass Seeds are an excellent choice as they offer the best lawn care features at affordable prices. Make sure you purchase only the latest product with fresh seeds to achieve best results in lawn growth, deeper roots, and grand appearance.

Grassology Grass Seeds – Product Review

grassology reviews

Grassology is a premium brand of grass seeds for growing plush green lawns without spending too much of effort or time. The product has been developed by Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seeds and it has been released in the market as a breakthrough invention for ultra-low maintenance lawn with green and grand grass. The seeds ensure an even growth of grass on the lawn under both partial sun and partial shade conditions.

Grossology Grass Seeds are ideally suited for urban and sub-urban houses whose inhabitants are interested in soft and short sized grass. The green and gorgeous lawns improve the visual appeal and add greenness and lustre to your house. The appearance is balanced by strength as the grass takes deep roots. The low maintenance ensures that you can carry on with your professional or household activities without spending too much time on maintenance or seasonal activity.


Benefits of Grassology Grass

  • Low to very little maintenance in terms of time, effort, and energy.
  • Grassology grass seeds ensure that the roots go four times deeper into the soil than any other ordinary grass seeds.
  • You can save money by avoiding the costs of fertilizing, weeding, mowing, or watering.
  • It is pest-resistant and effectively wards off weeds, insects, and diseases.
  • Since the grass that grows is very small or dwarf-sized, the manufacturers guarantee very less mowing for maintenance.
  • The grass also takes deep roots so the watering requirement is also minimal.


Disadvantages of Grassology Grass Seeds

  • It is an innovative product whose accuracy and consistency are yet to be tested.
  • The grass seeds have Kentucky bluegrass and fescue, and so they are not very suitable for high-temperature regions in the South of USA.
  • You have to make sure that the product is suitable for your climate zone before making a purchase.
  • The patent for the grass seeds is still pending with the Government.
  • The money back guarantee has not been properly verified by the purchasers and users of this product.
  • The testimonies and post-use assessments are mixed, with user reviews ranging from “disgruntled” to “satisfied”.


Grassology grass seeds are suitable for busy people who cannot afford to spend too much time on lawn maintenance. The visual appeal and aesthetic appearance of the lawn are gorgeous due to the dwarf size of the grand and green grass. The revolutionary new home care product can also save you money as there are no high watering bills or energy costs for mowing and fertilization. Purchase the seeds after making sure of expiry date, testimonial evidence, and risk factors such as climatic conditions and other maintenance requirements.

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