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Do you find it hard to calm babies with stomach aches? It is usually hard to read the minds of babies and it is more difficult to find out the situations that they are in. Parents have a hard time soothing their crying babies. Babies most often cry when they suffer from stomach aches. But, the most annoying part is when you are preparing to go to bed at night and just when you are slightly starting to feel sleepy, your baby cries and wakes you up! You try to calm him by showing him his toys but yet he does not stop crying. At that moment, you have to know that the problem is with his health and give him medicine so that he gets relief. But, taking too much of medicine at such a small age is not at all appreciable as it might have long term implications. Will you be happy to know that there is a solution to the crying of babies? The Happi Tummi Removable waistband is the solution. The Happi Tummi is a soft waistband which can be worn by babies by their waists and it helps in providing instant relief to babies when they have stomach aches. It helps in curing any kind of digestive problem that a child might face. People are getting positive results from this waistband and the usage have increased over time.

The Happi Tummi Removable waistband review

Happi Tummi Removable Waistband

The Happi Tummi removable waistband is completely natural and it is very soft so that babies don’t feel any kind of itching or roughness in their bodies. A baby normally cries when they are suffering from any kind of digestive problem like gas, constipation, cramps, etc. It is totally made of herbal products like lavender, wheat, peppermint, etc. The waistband first needs to be heated so that the healing properties are made active and then the band is placed on the stomach of the babies and they are sure to get instant reliefs from wearing it. And, to top it all, the bands stop the crying of babies at night and the Velcro straps are adjustable according to the needs of the babies.

The most amazing thing about these waistbands are that they come in bright hues which makes a baby attracted towards it and they also tend to wear it more. Refills are available for the waistbands and once when one gets over, you will get up to 40 refills which helps you in all ways. People are slowly starting to use the product and they are getting visible results from it. The thing is to find out whether it will help in the long run and how it can be made more beneficial to parents.


  • It gives instant relief to babies when they are suffering from any kind of digestive problems like gas, constipation, etc.
  • The waistband is very easy to use and the straps are quite adjustable which helps one to wear it properly.
  • No side effects of the waistband as it is 100 percent natural and made from herbal products because of which the soothing effect is perfect for the babies.
  • It comes in pink, blue and green colour, the colours which can attract any baby to wear it.
  • A single pouch of the herbals can last till up to 40 uses and if it is no longer of use, then it can simply be changed with the next pouch and like this, one waistband can work for many days.
  • The bowel movement of the babies are also protected and directed in the right ways when they wear this waistband.


  • The waistband might not fit every size of babies and it might fall off at times.
  • The results are yet to know in a proper manner because the use is recent and more information will be found with constant use.


A waistband which is great for babies and without taking medicines, they can get relief from stomach aches and other kinds of problems. The product is being appreciated by people and positive results are achieved. More to know soon!

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