Period Panteez Reviews

You may have wandered into the universe of fabric cushions and menstrual containers, however, is there still one vital component missing from your ladylike cleanliness collection? Presenting: period undies.

When I discovered what these were and how they functioned, I needed to ask why for heaven’s sake I didn’t possess a couple of these sooner and why they weren’t more ordinary. I ought to the right myself, however; these are quite prevalent in Asian nations.

In any case, I experienced childhood in the U.S.A. also, had never known about them until a year ago. On the off chance that exclusive things had been distinctive for me; such a variety of sheets, towels and things of dress would have been spared. However, now that this defensive underwear is a major part of my life that is no longer a worry. Also, to improve things even: They aren’t well, the good thing is that now we have specially designed underwear which can not only provide complete relief, but they can also help you in doing your chores easily without having to suffer the havoc’s that periods bring on you.

How are these specially designed period panties different?

The greater part of us considers period clothing as those sets of dark granny underwear that exclusive see the light of day amid one week of the month. However, the period undies I’ve looked into here are far beyond that.

A large portion of them provides sealed security; some can be worn rather than a cushion or tampon. What’s more, a couple of brands offer undies with a kangaroo stash in the front where you can put a warming cushion to help with spasms.

Every one of them offers you more genuine feelings of serenity against holes than you’d ever get with a standard match of underwear.

Period Panteez Reviews

period panteez reviews

Period Panteez is a brand that has been given a considerable measure of attention by the press: It’s showed up in the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings, Well-being Magazine and on Television programs like The Genuine. They’ve been called in vogue and appear to have something of an architect sticker price at $38 a pop. In any case, are these period undies justified regardless of their cost? We should look at it.

Period Panteez looks like kid shorts and has worked in layers in vital ranges to avert spills. They’re produced using a stretchy material that works like shape-wear; they additionally guarantee that this adaptable layer lightens menstrual issues. Could pressure help with spasms? I ran the web seek, and keeping in mind that I couldn’t locate any logical reviews to bolster it, there was a considerable measure of recounted confirmation that a tad bit of weight on the stomach area like you would get with shape-wear can for sure lessen cramping.

One should note that Period Panteez ought to be worn with a cushion amid your period, and they can even be worn with cushions that have wings. Their plan shields the cushion from moving around, and they secure against breaks.

Major Highlights of Period Panteez

  • It has a delicate, characteristic, dampness wicking internal layer for extreme solace
  • It is manufactured using defensive Clothing
  • For additional safety, it comes embedded with a deepest, release safe cushion formed layer for insurance
  • It also has an incontinence Clothing
  • It comes with a stretchy external layer that goes about as shape-wear and helps issues!
  • To provide more comfort, it has an extravagant, additional delicate belt for additional solace and support. This feature not only makes it more comfortable than other panties but it also makes them more versatile.

They are manufactured to provide

  • To forestall cushion removal
  • To provide an effective shield from breaks and mischances
  • To give triple-layered assurance
  • To support certainty and genuine feelings of serenity
  • To offer extreme solace and support
  • To be easily customized twofold as shape-wear, Eco-accommodating
  • It has a longer life keeps going for quite a long time, Can be washed using machine.


It can be extremely tough to go through the period cycle and although there are several medications and things available in the market to provide you the maximum support these specially designed panties are surely a must have in your wardrobe for these difficult days.

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