Sierra Designs Rissou 23 review

The Sierra Designs Zissou 23 resting bag is the bag many people have been using consistently for the previous season and 50 percent. I selected this up at a significantly lower price at REI without doing much analysis, and since, have gotten to be able to know the bag very well.

The primary function that drawn me to the bag was a mixture of heat and body weight. I seem to run hot, so a bag with a 23 ranking is excellent for me down to around 10 levels. I used this bag in Peru last season, and on the Ausangate travel, I invested a few evenings in individual numbers without being too unpleasant. I’d say the perfect variety for me on this bag is 10 levels up to about 65 levels.

I used this bag on a few summer time overnights, and even unzipped, was perspiration quite a bit. The load for this bag is also excellent at 2 lbs. They fit perfectly into my package without with a weight of me down.

Sierra Designs Zissou 23 Complete Overview

sierra designs zissou 23 review

  1. Frequent down takes on standard water and is very difficult to dry; DriDown exclusive process snacks each individual goose down plume with a hydrophobic finish
  2. With the goose down now immune to standard water, the insulating material preserves its loft space and remains dry 7 times longer than without treatment down
  3. It also works better in moist than regular down and, in case it unintentionally gets wet, it will dry out quicker, too
  4. Light and portable yet resilient 30-denier micro-ripstop cotton spend and comfortable, moisture-wicking cotton coating warm up fast
  5. Baffle development keeps down from moving, removing cool spots
  6. Full-length 2-way, dual moving zip allows simple venting; securing slider is supported by wide, antisnag executed tape
  7. Snag-free zip paths prevent the terrifying trapped zip by creating a hurdle between the coating and the zip track
  8. Fully protected set up pipe support the zip keeps body heat in and cool air out
  9. Ergonomic office, nonrestrictive bonnet cradles your head in warmth; bonnet features classified drawcords that make fit improvements simple, even in the dark
  10. Spacious, comfort and ease formed footbox increases comfort and heat of feet
  11. Sierra Styles Zissou 23°F comes with stuff bag and storage bag
  12. Western Standard (EN) is a private third-party heat range ranking, enabling precise evaluations across manufacturers with other EN-rated bags.


  • Lightweight
  • Compressible
  • Warm
  • Top quality workmanship
  • Excellent value


Cool permeates from the floor through the end of the bag


  • Ergonomically formed foot box
  • Snag-free zip tracks
  • Draw cable at collar
  • Ergonomic hood
  • Zipper set up tube
  • Pad locks
  • EN Tested
  • Includes things and storage space sacks
  • EN Convenience Limit: 37ºF / 3ºC
  • EN Reduced Limit: 23ºF / -5ºC


For summer overnights, check out the award-winning Zissou 30. Full of 600-fill DriDown™ insulating material, this bag gives you the light-weight, comprehensibility, and comfort of down in a bag that will remain drier, loft space higher, and dry quicker in either moist or dry circumstance. Things bag and storage space bag involved. What is DriDown? Simply put, DriDown symbolizes the progress of down insulating material. Frequent down is given a molecular stage plastic to create a hydrophobic complete on each personal down plume.

This complete allows DriDown to remain dry 7-times longer, maintain 34% more loft space when confronted with wetness and wetness, and dry 33% quicker than without treatment down, keeping you hotter in any atmosphere. What is EN Testing? Going forward, Sierra Styles will now implement heat range that a person with regular skills will rest perfectly at which is found via EN Examining.

At the most beginning, the EN Test helps us understand how much insulating material is required to keep a person heated and relaxed through the night. Through EN Examining, Sierra Styles will offer genuine development and effective performance to ensure an overall relaxed rest experience. For the Zissou 27, the common man will be relaxed in this bag down to 27 levels based on EN Examining. That can differ from personal to individual; however, this gives you an excellent place to start when selecting a bag.

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