Temprid SC Reviews

Temprid SC Insecticide is an effective repellent that is strong against most of the common bugs in our households. With excellent chemical composition, the insecticide works on almost all kinds of bugs that storm your house. Temprid SC is a combination of the fast-acting composition of beta-cyfluthrin with the systemic residual imidacloprid that provides total performance and efficacy to control bugs in your home. So you just need to use it once to get hard on the bugs. Most importantly, the effects do not last for long, so you can have complete control over the usage of the insecticide anywhere and anytime you need to get a check on the bugs. Temprid SC insecticide has been proved effectively to have the impact on the perimeter of around 3 Feet to 10 Feet and the unique property of the insecticide makes it uniformly spread on the surface being applied. The finer composition of the insecticide also ensures that every surface is evenly coated every time you apply the insecticide. The enhanced composition of the insecticide also ensures that every kind of bug comes under the spectrum for total control of pests and bugs in your home. On an overall, Temprid is one of the more refined choices of insecticide that works against lots of kinds of bugs including the ones that gets into the wooden areas of your home. You can be assured to see the results in the first use of the insecticide and thereafter the insecticide can be applied to control the bugs of all kinds.

 Temprid SC Insecticide Reviews

Temprid SC Insecticide


The easy application of the Temprid SC insecticide is the most contrasting feature of the whole bug control solution. Once applied, it just takes a day to get all the bugs out for good. The improved composition also ensures that the effects last longer and more effectively acts against the bugs eventually eliminating the problem with the bugs from your home. On an average, every common household bugs have been found effectively controlled with Temprid SC insecticide.The following list of common bugs has been effectively been observed to have controlled with Temprid SC Insecticide.

  • Ants (excluding Pharaoh’s ants)
  • Boxelder bugs
  • Carpenter ants
  • Carpet beetles
  • Centipedes
  • Clothes moths
  • Clover mites
  • Cluster fly
  • Cockroaches
  • Crickets
  • Darkling beetles
  • Dermestids
  • Earwigs
  • Elm leaf beetles
  • Fire ants
  • Firebrats
  • Fleas
  • Fruit flies
  • Gnats
  • Ground beetles
  • Hide beetles
  • Hornets
  • House flies
  • Leather beetles
  • Midges
  • Millipedes
  • Moths
  • Mosquitoes
  • Multicolored Asian lady beetles
  • Phorid flies
  • Pill bugs Scorpions
  • Sciarid flies (Fungus gnats
  • Silverfish Sow bugs
  • Spiders (excluding Brown recluse spiders)
  • Springtails
  • Ticks
  • Wasps
  • Yellowjackets


  • Includes wide spectrum of effective application to home or office
  • Offers unique dual-mode action
  • Easily applicable and Effective indoors and outdoors
  • Composite mix of effective insecticides


  • Is not recommended to be used in the kitchen and dining rooms
  • Hazardous to health if not used carefully and effectively
  • Easily depleted and has to be applied time and again


As compared to the other choices of insecticides available, Temprid SC insecticide is a wide spectrum composition that acts against multiple kinds of bugs.  So, you do not need to have a single choice of insecticide every time. Once you apply Temprid, almost all the problems related to the bugs in your home could be solved. Moreover the easiness of the insecticide that spreads evenly on surfaces ensures that every area intended is covered comprehensively. Moreover, Temprid SC insecticide is an economic option as compared to more specialized insecticides available in the markets that acts against particular groups of insects and bugs. Moreover, Temprid SC insecticide is effective against indoor and outdoor pests. So, you just need one solution to deal with all the problems related to bugs in your home. Temprid SC insecticide can also be used on wood to keep the wood safe from the common wood-eating bugs. The effects of Temprid SC insecticide are also long-lasting as compared to the other options available for insecticides.

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