Alidropship Review

Drop shipping is one of the innovative and latest business trends that has helped online retailers to keep a stringent control over their business activities. Many of the drop shipping businesses are not able to make huge profits, as the cost of running such business seems to be recurring. In order to sustain the stiff market competition in any drop shipping business, you need to have optimum control over the shipment process, tracking of the products, promotional tools and choosing an online platform to sell it. For such reasons, more and more merchants look forward to finding a reliable platform for drop shipping so that they can use automated tools to beat down unwanted expenses. This is where the WordPress plugin Alidropship comes into play and helps merchants to maintain their online business transactions in an organized maner. In this post, you can come across a detailed review of Alidropship and whether it’s worth the hype or not!

What is Alidropship?

Alidropship is basically a WordPress plugin that is used to convert a WordPress portal into a complete Dropshipping eCommerce website. The plugin comes with a ton of features that will efficiently automate a lot of tasks and help in running your dropshipping business smoothly. There are two variations of this WordPress plugin, one is the standalone plugin that has its own theme while another one is compatible with WooCommerce.

Integration of Aliexpress with Alidropship plugin:

AliExpress being one of the renowned retail platform operating all-round the globe. Its marketplace allows buyers to buy products at wholesale rates directly from the manufacturers. As a matter of fact, the dropshipping with AliExpress allows merchandisers to earn ample profits and thus they are keen to offer their products via their own drop shipping store. In earlier days, there are some solutions that were a bit expensive and required monthly payments which unwillingly stripped the high profits.

The best way out was offered by AliDropship Company by launching their WordPress Alidropship Plugin. The plugin allows online retailers to build their own website in the shortest span of time. Earlier, it was a challenging task to look for items in AliExpress’s huge catalog, then import them manually and regularly update the product information. But the new plugin now makes it simpler to add hundreds of the merchant’s products in few mouse clicks and later get them updated on auto-pilot. Moreover, you just have to make the payment once and you get the entire ownership of a dropshipping business. So, there is no hidden fees or additional monthly expenses, which is just a big thumbs up!

Key Features of Alidropship Plugin:

Now let’s check out the key features of Alidropship Plugin:

  1. Auto pricing update:

This is an excellent feature of the Alidropship plugin as you can universally set up the product pricing utilizing simple mathematical formulations. Additionally, the plugin has a neat feature of keeping a track of the product’s price in Aliexpress and updating it automatically, so you do not have to do it manually. Whenever you wish to update or change your pricing structure you just can make changes in the settings(pricing expressions) and the changes will be applied to all the products.

  1. Bulk product import:

You can easily import your desired products from the portal of AliExpress and make requisite modifications. It further allows you to set filters that narrow down the product search process and helps in importing the correct products.

  1. Auto-updating:

Through API access, the WordPress plugin maintains all the updated information of the products. So, any changes that occur in AliExpress will be automatically made in your store.

  1. Automatically order fulfillment:

Order fulfillment is simply done with few mouse clicks and the order is confirmed on AliExpress.

  1. Affiliate earning:

This is one of the best features of Alidropship where you can earn money through affiliate marketing on AliExpress.

  1. Edit product images before importing:

For most of the drop shipping stores, the supplier does not get the option to edit the product images and thus the poor-quality image fails to grab customer attention. But with Alidropship, you can easily edit the product images before uploading products on your online store.

  1. Uploading product variables:

Uploading product variables like the color, sizing and other specifications is also simpler with this plugin. After importing the products from AliExpress, you can easily edit the product variables as per your requirement. Adding proper product variables is an important aspect, as it allows customers to filter search and find them easily.

Some of the other attractive features of Alidropship plugin includes:

  • WooCommerce support
  • Optimizing products for SEO
  • Building an e-mail list
  • Inventory management
  • Customer engagement by allowing them to leave valuable product feedbacks
  • Running promotion by offering discount coupons

Why use Alidropship Plugin?

Apart from all the mentioned features, there are some positive attributes of using the Alidropship plugin:

  • Simple interface that’s easy to use and understand
  • Reasonable pricing and on-time payment
  • Integrated shopping cart
  • Easy to install and customize your online store
  • Full ownership of the E-commerce store
  • Built-in themes that are easy to set up, switch and customize
  • Free lifelong support and plugin updates
  • Includes marketing tools to boost sales and conversions
  • A handful of amazing add-ons

What is the pricing of Alidropship plugin?

Although the pricing of Alidropship is pretty decent and payment method is straightforward but there are certain things that should be considered and you also need to get some add-ons for your future use. The basic pricing of Alidropship is of $89 and this payment includes automation, free updates and all the main features we already discussed above. However, if you wish to get a custom dropshipping store on the Alidropship platform, its package starts at $299. It is a one-time fee where the store can be started with just 50 products but later allows you to add an unlimited number of products.


As compared to all other dropshipping solution, Alidropship WordPress plugin is far more advanced and simple to use. The striking features of affiliate earning, Auto-order, auto-pricing updates and great add-ons make Alidropship a one-stop solution for the majority of the online retailers.

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